...they decided to give Princess Leah to someone who works at home so she will always have company. I can't say I blame them but I am mighty disappointed.
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Look! Your worshipfulness!

I know I should wait to blog about this until after it happens but I am too excited, I can't help it.

Because we love Mr. Brownie so much and want him to not be lonely when we are at work, we are *knock on wood* getting a second dog. We actually have been looking for several weeks but we couldn't find one that met all our requirements:

1) friendly, getting along with kids & dogs, a real lover of a dog
2) Big or sturdy enough to play with Brownie w/o getting hurt so over 50lbs
3) Small enough that it won't cost as much to feed as Brownie (a practical requirement that I wish we didn't have, but such is life) so under 100 lbs.
4) Calm enough that it only wants to play sometimes and sleep the rest, because that's what Brownie does (and a low enough energy breed to be happy in our low-energy household)
5) Already housebroken or at the very least old enough that it can "hold it" while we're at work (so no young puppies)
6) Non-destructive (goal is that the dogs can be loose in the downstairs during the day and keep each other entertained without eating all our stuff - Brownie only chews when he's bored, and we want them to not be bored)

Several avenues led to nothing, but when I started extending my search to rescue dogs outside of Houston I found Princess Leah:

And my heart was lost again. Luckily, when I talked to the foster mom, everything checked out. She's 2 years old, only 85 pounds, spayed, housebroken, non-destructive very affectionate and easygoing, loves kids and dogs (she lives with a bunch of great danes now!) and is lazy as they come. Canine perfection. Not to mention she looks amazingly like Brownie, despite being a different breed.

So, Saturday I am taking Brownie to meet her. If they get along as well as I hope, I will bring her home. Everyone help me keep my fingers crossed it goes well! And if it doesn't you can all console me.
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Holiday Thoughts / Absent Friends

I've had a number of friends and family lose people they love the past couple years. Spouses, partners, children, parents, siblings, friends...people who make up the cornerstones of their lives. I know the holiday season can be incredibly difficult as it is but so much more so when someone so important to you is missing. I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning, and of all of you that I know who are going through this, and I just wanted you all to know that I'm thinking about you and sending you strength and (for those that want them) prayers. I know it's not much, but know you are not forgotten and that I am wishing you happy memories instead of the painful ones. And if you ever need to talk, I am here.

Peace be with you.
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This is my loldog (cut for size).

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Note lack of stretch required for him to get his head onto the table.

Other new pics up
I tried to get him to stand by the couch so y'all could see him "to scale" but he looked sad and confused, since normally when I give "commands" it is to sit :)

He's my sweet glue-baby (as in glued to my leg, not as in turn-into-glue).

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Movie Review Haiku: The Hebrew Hammer

Crossed Shaft and Esther
Made lots of money jokes
and fun of Yentl

Someone should tell the
Hebrew Hammer that Tattoos
are non-Halachic

Guilt is the biggest
Weapon in the Jewish
Arsenal...sounds right.

GG and picspam

Gulf Games was great, played lots of games, saw lots of friends, yay!

Favorite new-to-me games were Founding Fathers (great, though needing a few tweaks still), Battle for Hill 218 (sadly out of print), Masters of Venice (bits fiddly but fun), Campaign Manager 2008 (fast, easy-to-play, relatively innocuous thematically), Finca (lightweight set collection with a rondel), Automobile (economics & logistics but not too complex) and Royal Palace (meeple management, probably best with 2-3 because of downtime & a/p).

Snow Tails & Steam were also good (though I still prefer Age of Steam, those who don't like the auctions will likely prefer Steam), 2 de Mayo good with some reservations, Yetisburg didn't do it for me despite the amusing theme, and we abandoned Fruit Fair during the rules explanation. I got to play Die Macher again (thanks!) and played lots of Tichu.

The other purpose of this post though is picspam of my baby-dog. He has the most adorable face, it isn't all that "mastiff-y" yet though. He is a bundle of love.

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Giganto-pup has arrived and he is absolutely adorable. He is VERY calm, quiet and lovable. He has pottied outside 3 times already and (as of yet) not in the house. He does indeed make giganto-poop so hopefully we can housebreak him with minimal accidents.

He slept very quietly in his soft kennel last night, and the only things he seems interested in chewing are his bed and the knotted chewie I got him. So, off to a very good start.

Pics can be found here: